Become a Software Developer


The first thing you have to know about is

who is a developer?.

In short, a software developer is one who writes codes behind the software. Don’t think that it’ll be easy, it will take time. The more we practice the more we gain. Everything will be hard at the beginning, I am still learning more and more even after my graduation. There is no end to the knowledge that we can gain on development. You must be patient and spend a lot of your free time on it

Couple of tips for you.

  • Choose a programming language that you like and get deep into it.
  • Make projects with different ideas.
  • Get familiarize with tools that real developers use.
  • Read codes of other developers and implement them in your projects.
  • Make a professional network through social platforms.
  • Create an online presence as a software developer.

These are some of the tips that I try to follow along my career path. We might not be able to do all of that but always give it a try to achieve it. You should prepare a plan that works for you.

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